6am – 1pm

Granola Board $15 (v)

Toasted granola, fresh fruit, Davidson Plumb yoghurt & cold full cream milk

Burleigh Special $15 (gfo)

Two fried eggs, bacon, hash brown on sourdough w/ side tomato chutney

Hash Stack $16 (vo/gfo)

Sourdough, rocket, hash brown, avo, bacon, fried egg topped w/ aioli

Loaded Benedict $17 (vo/gfo)

Poached eggs, bacon & spinach on top of a toast crissant and house hollandaise

Avo Pesto Brekkie Bruchetta $16 (v/gfo)

Sourdough toast topped with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil pesto & balsamic glaze

Vergan Stack $18 (gf/ve)

House vegan pattie w/ beetroot hummus, herbed mushrooms, avo and house dukkah

Cone Fritters $18 (gf/vo)

Rocket, corn fritters, bacon/mushrooms, pico de galo and aioli

Eggs on Toast $12 (gfo/v)

Eggs anyway on top of sourdough w/tomato chutney

Native Avo Toast $16 (gfo/v)

Two slices of sourdough, avo, grilled lemon, rocket, beetroot hummus, native dukkah and olive oil

Breakfast Burrito $16

Fried egg, bacon, cheese, pico de galo, bbq sauce, sriracha mayo and spinach

Chilli Scrambed Eggs $17 (gfo)

Scrambled eggs on sourdough w/ chilli, fetter and basil

Vego Big Brekkie $20 (gfo/v)

Two friend eggs, mushrooms, friend tomato, avocado, roasted sweet potato, beetroot hummus and sourdough

Big Breakfast $24 (gfo)

Friend eggs, bacon, hash brown, muchrooms, baked beans, sourdough, spinach w/ tomato chutney


6am – 1pm

Smoked Trout Bowl $20 (gf)

Smoked trout, avocado, poached egg on top of quinoa, fresh greens and a side of hummus

Sweet Potato Bowl $ 18 (gf/vo)

Roasted sweet potato, spinach, quinoa, avocado, bacon, friend egg, and spiced hummus

Brunch Burgers

6am – 1pm

Breakie Burger $10 (gfo)

Bacon, hash brown, friend egg and bbq & sriracha mayo

Vego Burger $12 (v/gfo)

Hash brown, avocado, halloumi and fried egg w/ bbq & sriracha  mayo

Acai Bowl

6am – 1pm

Acai Bowl $15

Acai, banana, fresh fruits, toasted granola, toasted coconut and cacao nibs

Add Nutella $2 or peanut butter $2

Kids Menu $10

(12yrs and under)

Poached egg, bacon, hashbrown on toast

Waffles w/ ice cream

Avocado on toast

Mushrooms and sweet potato on toast

Daily specials board available

Organic food and gluten free available



Ginger, turmeric, apple, orange & pinapple
Sweet Green
Lemon, celery, apple and pineapple
Apple and watermelon

Native Ice Teas $6.95

Davidson Plumb
Lilly Pilly
Pepper Berry
Sunrise Lime


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana or Caramel


Acai Smoothie
Apple juice, banana and acai
Green Smoothie
Super greens, almond milk, banana
Berry Coconut Protein Smoothie
Mixed berries, coconut milk, protein powder and banana

Fruit SMOOTHIES $7.95

Banana, mango or mixed berry


Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana or Caramel